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New Resource on Cybersecurity and Machine Learning

Posted by Paulo Shakarian on Feb 18, 2021 5:00:00 AM
Welcome to the CYR3CON YouTube Channel


The convergence of cybersecurity with machine learning (ML) – and artificial intelligence (AI) in general will impact many aspects of IT for years to come.  To help educate the community, we are re-launching the CYR3CON YouTube channel with a focus on topics at the intersection of these areas.  Here is a sampling of the topics we cover: 

Understanding Basic Machine Learning Concepts 

While most security professionals understand the ins and outs of security, many have not received training on machine learning, so we’ve covered a few topics here of interest, For example: 

Evaluating Machine Learning Products and Algorithms 

A lot of vendors will post a great deal of information – but let's face it– they are trying to sell a product.  These videos are designed to help you cut through the hype and properly evaluate machine learning products and algorithms: 

Applying AI and ML to Cybersecurity 

Many firms are actively seeking to apply ML and AI to cybersecurity.  These firms are actively seeking  benefits to risk management, efficiency, and taking a proactive stance against threats.  These videos help organizations understand some important concepts when applying ML and AI to security. 

Machine Learning and Vulnerability Management 

At CYR3CON, we work with many companies to improve their vulnerability management program with machine learning – and as a result have a lot of lessons learned on this topic we would like to share – and have created videos to do so. 

We hope you subscribe to our newly re-launched channel, and feel free to drop us a line if there are additional topics that you think we should cover. 

Topics: machine learning, Vulnerability Management