Part 2: The Intersection of Risk Management and Vulnerability Management

Today we continue our discussion on the intersection of risk assessment and vulnerability management.

In this video, we focus on item 4 of NIST’s risk assessment process: quantifying the likelihood of a threat occurring – or in the context of vulnerability management, the likelihood of an exploit surfacing. 

The NIST CVSS scoring is not designed to be predictive of future threat actions, and this is well-known in the vulnerability management community.  We have seen three approaches that vulnerability management teams take to assessing the likelihood of exploitation: 

  1. Threat levels 
  2. Weighting 
  3. Machine learning 

In this video, we discuss all three and then review how CYR3CON® PR1ORITY employs machine learning to address this problem. 

Risk Management and Vulnerability Management


CYR3CON’s CyRating® - available in our PR1ORITY product - allows vulnerability management teams to address problems around threat identification and computation of likelihood of threat at scale for the enterprise.

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